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Have you heard of jumia logs but still wondering how jumia log works or where to buy jumia logs?. In today’s article, i will make you understand perfectly everything you need to know about jumia logins.

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Just come, read our updates derive the knowledge required and go explore.

What is Jumia?

Jumia is an online shopping website where you can buy items of different categories ranging from fashion, furnitures, electronics, gadgets etc Just like Konga and other online shops

Almost everything you can think of is available on Jumia for sale.

As a matter of fact, Jumia is the biggest online shop in Nigeria just as Amazon is to the global world.

Jumia have offices in almost all the 36 states in Nigeria where you can pick up items ordered from the website.

Incase you are asking if jumia is only available in Nigeria. The answer is “No” its also available in over 14 other Africa countries and still expanding.

Jumia does delivery of orders to any location of your choice without stress. To shorten the whole story, it’s the best and most reliable online shop in Nigeria.

Understanding Jumia Logs

When you create an account on Jumia website or app with your details. Your password and phone number or email for accessing the account is what we call jumia logs or jumia logins.

Jumia have a wallet where you can topup or fund. You can do this by adding money with your Card details.

Money funded on your jumia logins or account can be used on Jumia website for shopping items worth your available balance.

And now someone is wondering how can one make money through these logs?. That’s why you’ve landed on this page so pay attention.

How jumia logs with money works.

When you have jumia logs with money in them, you will be able to buy items on Jumia website worth the Logs balance without using your real money.

Jumia Logs are hacked or spammed through various methods.

Hackers create jumia resemblance websites which is called phishing. Whenever clients login their accounts through such websites or promoted links, login details such as password and Username are being collected and posted for sale on website where jumia logins are being sold.

Other people comes in, buy the Logs and use the balance in them for shopping. That’s a summary of how everything works.

Apart from phishing methods, different hackers have different ways of getting logs from clients.

There are many places where you can buy legit jumia logs online but am going to drop one reference “Trusted and Legit”.

jumia log for sale

How to Buy Jumia log Online

Visit the number one website online where different logs are being sold


You will see different logins posted for sale, each logs are active and still available. Old and purchased logs are being removed on regular basis.

buy jumia logs

Select the logins you want based on your current budget and add to Cart. Make payment with bank transfer or through bitcoin. You will see the available payment methods.

Immediately payment is successful, you will get email as shown below including your login details.

buy jumia logs

In most cases the message might take 30 minutes but you will definitely receive the login details.

  • As soon as you get your access details, you can now login through

  • Shop items depending on the value of your Logs following the instructions on the attached files received with your order

Can i withdraw the Funds to bank?

Let assume you have the account in your possession and by now you must have changed the login details.

You can either shop with the money in the wallet or withdraw directly to your bank account. This process should be carried out immediately the account is purchased or 72hrs afterwards.

Here’s a video guide on how to withdraw from Jumia wallet.

If you decide to withdraw it, you should consider creating a fake bank account for safety just incase things turned otherwise and account is being tracked, your safety will be guaranteed.

After sending money to your fake account, you can then withdraw or transfer to your main account anonymously.

Conclusion: Buy Jumia log online

You are not using VPN in this case since the logins are from Nigeria. You can just login directly and start your order

I want you to be informed that what you have just learned is really powerful and not like every other updates.

This update has been in existence for a while and it’s still trending, so utilize it now that it’s still active.

When you order items using jumia logins, don’t move them directly to your real location as the main address. You can fill in some fake locations where you can easily reach out to the products during Delivery.

Always remember to change the login details immediately your order is received. This will make it impossible for the original owners not to access the account.

Anyone can invest in this update in the sense that you can get logs for as low as 10,000 naira which am very sure is not bigger than you can afford. Give this a try and come back with testimony.

Am sure with this, you can now buy jumia log and also use them either for shopping or withdrawal. Please share with your loved ones.


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