Cardro Pro and Activation Code

Cardro pro everywhere, you are even confused on which one to download because you’re afraid of getting scammed.

Am not even surprised you have been screwed several times before landing on this page. This is really funny but sad how so many persons out there has taken advantage of other hustlers.

Even if i should continue talking about them till infinity there won’t be change because my blog will not reach everyone online. There’s always room for scammers.

I will keep providing solutions to the very few of my followers who always come here in search for updates.

Not quite long, I wrote an article about sportybet balance adder and Activation code and feedbacks on how i’ve saved so many by providing the original app for easy download has kept me going.

Stop wondering if your feedbacks do encourage me. Am just human “hackers are not spirits” so keep sending your feedbacks both negative and positive.

In today’s gist, we shall be talking about cardro pro app, and cardro pro activation code with everything else you will need to use this app.

Cardro Pro – How it works

Have you ever imagined hacking any Nigerian bank account using BVN “bank verification number”? Cardro pro makes that so easy.

Cardro Pro is a multi function app which makes it possible removing money from victims accounts using their bank verification number.

With Cardro pro app, you can also transfer money from any credit or debit card without otp “its an otp Bypass App”

With Cardro pro, you can send fake bank alert and get the clients account credited even when they check balance on app.

Few years back, it’s almost impossible removing money from an account when you have very little access. Currently there are many apps to remove money from account details with just few access and data disclosure

We shall be discussing them one after the other while this particular post will only be talking about cardro pro and activation code.

cardro pro

Cardro Pro Activation code

Just like every other hacking, you are giving limited access until your app is activated.

As soon as your Developers Fee is paid and your code is issued, you can then activate your app and use the complete functions. “Fake alert, Carding and BVN hack.

The reason why you got scammed was probably because you were out there looking for cheap cardro so they either gave you fake ones or sold activation code for you at cheaper rate which ended up not working on the main app.

Like i always say, don’t ever go about searching to get the activation code anywhere unless directly from the app developer.

Cardro pro cost 91USD and it’s one time payment

There are many wolves in sheep clothing out there seeking for victims to scam.

Am going to share the main app download link below.

How to use Cardro Pro

There are many videos on how to use Cardro Pro online but let me quickly share this with you this video.

Before you watch the video below, you can download the app from below button so you won’t end up with the wrong one.

The video will only show how to withdraw money form account using BVN through the help of cardro.

There are other videos also showing how to do fake alert and how to remove money from an account using card details but they aren’t posted online for security reasons.

You will get these videos forwarded to your email whenever you purchase the app. It’ only pass from developer to app users.

What you need to know about cardro pro app

  • Cardro Pro is the most perfect app when it comes to removing money from account with the use of bvn. You can use the app on android, PC or iPhone.

  • You can download the app with the download button shared above or visit the Cardro Official website.

  • You cannot use one Cardro Pro Activation for two devices at the same time.

  • The BVN function is only for Nigerians while the Fake alert and Carding works anywhere.

  • Any money topped to your Cardro Wallet does disappear as it remains there till any day you decide to transfer it.

  • You can use app as many times as possible and app doesn’t expire as long as it’s activated.

  • If eventually you change your device, you can use your old activation code on your new device and it will work while the app will automatically be deactivate from your old device.

  • Once device is changed all your balance will be moved because the balance is attached to your activation Key.

  • Last of all, there are many scammer out there so shine your eyes in quest for any hack app.

Becoming a Hacker doesn’t necessarily mean creating some innovations by yourself. Getting the right tools and knowing how to use them in doing what you want is more than enough.

How to get BVN for bank Hacking

The fact that i know how doesn’t mean it’s easy to get BVN for Hacking.

Everyone is busy talking about cardro app and no one is concerned about how to get bvn even with the fact that app cannot work properly without using the correct bvn digits.

Here are some ways through which we get BVN.

✅Create a Phishing Website:

If you don’t know how, you can hire a web developer to do it.

Creating a phishing website is the easiest way to compromise clients BVN, and as a matter of fact, that’s what we use most.

You can promise the client some awoofs E.g Loan money without paying back, Get grants from government, Free money Dispatched by government to all Citizens.

They will be eager to fill in their details including their BVN since it’s finance related.

All the details visitors fill in on this website will be sent to your database where you can copy their BVN for whatever purpose you desire. This is also applicable to getting card details.

✅Link up with Officials:

Some Bank officials are willing to work with you so long you will give them their commission.

Since they work in the bank, getting these details to you is just an easy task.

Getting an official might be a difficult task because it’s not so easy making that proposal. You just need to make friend with them before your approach, but have it in mind that many will turn down your request.

Through this means, you can get bvn and card details with good balance.

✅Close people around you:

If the victim is close and you have access to their phone, you can get the BVN by simply dialing *565*0#.

If the phone number is linked with their account, you will get the BVN displayed on the screen.


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