Coinceller for sending fake Bitcoin

Has anyone told you about coinceller either online or in reality and you are wondering how coinceller works or how to get coinceller app?


Have you gotten already and still searching for how to get coinceller Activation code to get it functioning? This post will fix it all so pay attention.

As times keep running, many Yahoo formats keep fading away including the bitcoin yahoo format which is widely use today but gradually dropping.

This format need to be updated so coinceller was created to make everything easy. With this, you don’t need to preach and preach to convince your clients instead you send them bitcoin directly to their wallets and prompt them to invest more and more. Am sure you know the whole story.

Hope you know how difficult it’s telling someone to send you bitcoin for investment online. Even before you rand up your format, they already know what you’re driving at probably because someone else has used same format for them before your arrival. That’s what makes this format messed up.

Am pretty sure you are so curious to know how helpful this coinceller could be in resolving and rising this bitcoin format to work again. Let’s get started.

What is Coinceller?

Coinceller is a Fake crypto sender software or app. And it’s available for Android. Don’t go about searching for ios or PC versions.

For a while I’ve been using this app and each time i tested the iPhone and PC versions they easily crash so I always recommend the apk version.

With Coinceller, you can send:

  • Bitcoin,
  • usdt Coin
  • Ethereum,
  • Litecoin,
  • Tron ,
  • & Ripples

Coinceller App Work for all addresses such as blockchain, trustedwallet, Binance, luno, Coinbase etc.

What are you still thinking? If you are smart by now you are supposed to know what you should be upto.

Coinceller and Yahoo

When you get the coinceller app working, You can ask your clients to invest as little as $5 or to get like 70$. They will be eager and fast to invest.

The ones who will invest, you send them fake bitcoin using the coinceller app, you will tell them to invest more and get more funds. With this, you will put them on higher bill as your next investment package.

When they invest, you zoom away with their money. You can also use this in connection with your brokers site.

Another format you can use is acting to be selling bitcoin and other crypto currencies listed on the coinceller app.

The major challenge is who will send payment first. Many legitimate buyers will come if you can send them coins first before payment.

Since you have coinceller, you don’t need to worry because sending the coin first is never an issue. Just open your app, send them any amount they demand while you ask for payment.

In doing this, you might need a fake bank account where your Clients can make payments with ease. This account should be without trace.

I will be writing in my next post “How to open fake bank account”

You can make alot of money using this format with the coinceller app. You can also use it for prank purposes.

With this, you should also know that most of the people you see who flaunt online as crypto sellers and traders who are ready to send coins before payments are scam. Don’t get fooled most of them use softwares like coinceller.

Coinceller Limitations

Like I’ve said before, it’s recommended:

  • You use the apk or android version rather than PC and iphone version.

  • The coin duration is 14days after which it will disappear from recipient’s wallet.

  • You cannot use it more than 4 times in a day.

  • App last as long as it remains on your device. It doesn’t expire once activated

  • You cannot use one coinceller activation code for two devices.

  • Payments sent are confirmed and can be transferred to 6 wallets maximum.

  • You can send any amount in a single transaction.

Before using this, you must activate your app. Below is guide to get coinceller Activation code. Before you continue, you can also read my post on how to send fake bank alert.

Coinceller activation code

Getting the right activation key has always been the biggest challenge because of too many scammer online.

If you must get this code without issue, then it should be directly from the app contact.

If your app is activated already, you will see the notification at the top of the app that it’s done.

The app have the option to get activation key including developers contact details.

Coinceller activation code is once for a lifetime. You can continue using the same code even when you change device.

Coinceller activation code cost $100

If you are yet to download the coinceller app, you can get it below.

Coinceller download apk

To download the coinceller app, use the below button. The download is free but you will need to pay for activation to get app working.


You can download the app, buy the activation key and start exploring everything I’ve stated to make money.

The app and support

Coinceller App have a very good support for its pro users. The moment you buy Activation code, you become a premium or pro user.

You will get a private support number where you can reach them even on calls if you have issues with your app.

Your email will be enlisted for updates. This means anytime the app is updated, you will be updated via email.

WhatSapp and email contact is available on the app. Customer service is always responsive.


Making money has never been easy, but seem easy when you know the right steps or strategies to explore.

With this, your bitcoin and investment formats is sure. Even if you don’t have money at the moment, you can buy the activation code anytime to get started.

Don’t worry about getting caught because the app is secured. You can only get caught when you play your card wrongly. The coinceller app have a very tough security in cleaning your tracks.

In addition, don’t be too quick to believe things you see online so you won’t get scammed. Coinceller is just a case study.

Remember you can trade the coins through any platform within the 14 days duration.


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