How To Create A Fake Bank Account

Recently i wrote an article on how to send fake bank alerts in and outside Nigeria. But today is a different case as we shall be discussing on how to create a fake bank account in Nigeria.

When i wrote about coinceller yahoo format, i promised to teach you how to open fake bank account to make everything easy and that’s what you are going to learn right here.

There are so many local yahoo formats through which you can make money in Nigeria but the only challenge is how to get paid knowing well that your real bank account can’t be used for scam unless you want to get caught.

Making money with local format is easy if you have means to open fake bank accounts in receiving payments.

You can’t be claiming you are a Nigerian and you are giving your clients bitcoin address to make payment, that’s going to be suspicious unlike when you send them real account for payment.

They won’t border on further verifying your legitimacy because they feel no body can possibly use their real account details for scam and that’s true. So if you have ways through which you can create fake bank account you can pass through this without hassle.

Why You need Fake bank account

Are you the holly man “Who’s like” I don’t need it for scam o i just need it for other reasons. I agree with you so let me show you some other reasons why anyone might need fake bank account.

To scam people: This is the major reason why people go for fake accounts. Let’s keep pretence out of this.

As a matter of fact, I’ve created over 175 fake bank accounts for clients and more than 80% of these number clearly specified they are using it for scam.

There are many Yahoo boys who don’t scam white people. They are busy targeting their fellow Nigerians and their payment method has always been bank transfer.

These formats such as Pastorial format, sugar mummy, bitcoin and investment, Waec and Jamb formats can be done locally.

To cover Tracks: Yes, there are certain people you would want to send money to without your real identity for many reasons.

Taking for instance, you want to pay for a tool which is very risky or suspicious. You may decide to make payment with fake bank details so as to cover your tracks for future reference.

Probably because you feel if the owner of such tool or item eventually get caught, you might be confessed among the buyers of which the only way to track you down is through the account details you used in making payments.

For Fun or Prank: Sincerely speaking, i don’t know how it works using fake bank accounts for prank. I understand perfectly well that fake alert apps which we discussed earlier can be used for prank but not fake accounts.

However, am adding this up because of some people who come to me with the claims they are using it for prank. I do render the services because am being paid for it but it kept me wondering how possible it could be.

I just decided to bring this here perhaps you can explain to others in our community section. We are not perfect.

Creating account with personal BVN advisable?

There are many digital and micro finance banks online through which you can create account in less than 5 minutes.

We have :Wema alat, Wallet africa, Polaris, Kuda App and many others but even if you do, Your identity is still disclosed because it’s linked with your BVN.

When we say Fake account, it simply means an account that doesn’t come with your name, your bvn or any personal data.

No matter how hot, the format seem to be, don’t venture until you have a fake bank account unless there are other means to receive payments.

How to Create a fake bank account in Nigeria

There are different ways through which you can open fake bank account in Nigeria. Am going to show you the easiest methods.

Team with officials:

To Open fake bank account with different identity, you need to team with one of the bank officials in charge of opening account for the manipulation.

You don’t have to be scared about your proposal. But targeting male workers seem better. From experience I’ve learned that female bankers are always scared.

The easiest way to getting fake account is through the officials. They can help you create an account but based on agreement. You are both to agree on how much they will take per account.

You can get an account for as low as 45 – 60k depending on the person you are dealing with.

Remember to get the atm card when opening the account for easy withdrawing of funds without trace. You can always do withdrawal through POS sectors.

Buy fake account from us:

We Sale fake accounts. You only need to tell us the name you want and the phone number you want to use in opening the account.

We setup the account and activate it for mobile transactions. You can use the funds directly from the bank app on your phone.

We can also help you request and send your ATM card to any location if you wish.You are having complete access to the app and it’s affordable.

40K Per Account

We run Eco, Wema, Zenith, Union, First bank and UBA. It all depends on what you want.

Can these accounts be Banned?

YES. They can be banned or suspended depending on how you use them. If these accounts get reported, you are likely to loose the account and that’s why it’s advisable to always take your money off the account.

Mind you, you can transfer 500K daily using these accounts but you can receive unlimited amount.

Conclusion: How to Create a fake bank account in Nigeria.

If you are actually looking for how to guide, am sorry to say “there’s no way you can create a fake bank account without going through the officials. It won’t work.

Like I’ve said, if you find it challenging making such proposal, you can use our account opening service. It’s even cheaper and you are getting a perfect service.

We hope to see you again.


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