How to send fake bank alert

Am not surprised seeing you here in quest for how to send fake bank alert, i really understand the hustle is difficult and everyone is looking for easy ways to get off the bills.

It’s not a good feeling starving for two whole days without food and not because you’re on Fasting.

It’s never a good thing living without a roof in your head because your landlord can no longer take it.

Am not accusing you either as you may have other reasons why you’ve landed on this page, perhaps to learn how to send fake bank alert for prank purposes.

However, in whichever way or reasons you need this guide you are definitely going to find it helpful as am going to show you the necessary steps. You can read how effective these guides works here

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Let me quickly clear your doubts if you’re still thinking there’s a particular USSD code for fake alert.

Is there any fake alert Code?

I was once like you “just a normal person before becoming a Hacker” so i literally know things newbies do search for.

Without being told, each time we talk about sending fake bank alerts what comes your mind is “How is it done, will there be any USSD codes to carry out the transfer”?

And if that’s true, will this fake alert codes work for all banks such as Zenith, Keystone, UBA, GT, access Bank and others?

Fake bank alerts are not done using codes, they are done using Fake alert apps.

There are many fake bank alert apps online but am going to show you steps to use the relevant ones rather than getting scammed by some hungry hustlers out there using this as advantage.

Fake Bank alert Apps

Like I’ve said, there are many fake alert apps but currently, the working ones are Zoalert and Flash funds.

Zoalert – This is a Fake bank alert app which works for over 40 countries including US and UK.

With Zoalert you can make fake bank transactions to clients and get alerts to reflect immediately or within an hour for international transfer.

Zoalert works for both PC, ios and Android devices and it’s very effective when it comes to sending fake bank alerts.

Using Zoalert is easy and with just few steps, your alert goes to the clients account. The good news is that, the alert show up in recipient available balance and disappears after 14days duration.

Have in mind that money transferred using this fake alert app cannot be withdrawn or spent though it appears in available balance and that’s why it’s called fake.

App requires one time payment of $100.

Flash Funds- Before the existing of Zoalert, flash funds has been the best App for sending fake bank alerts on the internet.

Flashfunds makes it easy sending fake alerts specifically around Nigeria. It works also like every other alert app.

When you send alerts, users get Credited immediately and alert duration is 14days before it get removed.

The money sent using Flash funds cannot be spent or transferred within the Elapse duration.

All you need is:

  • Download the app
  • Create an account
  • Fund Your wallet
  • Send Fake alerts

You can download the app below.

Subscription based app

All that Glitters are not Gold

Same way our updates has helped so many in fulfilling their dreams, paying debts and settling bills, it has also sent many to jail for being foolish and skipping instructions.

Always follow procedures to use any hack apps online rather than going otherwise because you feel it can work your own way.

Every app comes with usage guide which you can get from the developer whose contact is on the app. This instructions will show you how, where and when to use these apps for your own safety.

Briefly said, these app can be used on certain points such as:

  • POS shops in getting Cash: When using these apps on POS shops, you should be careful not to do it in your current location especially when the money involved is huge.

    You can travel to a different location to carry out this shit. I mean area where no one knows you. Once done, they will never set eye on you again.

    Target busy shops.

  • Public places in buying items: You can buy items such as mobile phones using fake alert.

    If done wrongly without following the app instructions, you might get caught and taken to jail, that’s if you are lucky enough they didn’t set fire on you or beat you to death.

    Aside buying items, you can use this in clearing some random bills or even paying for items online through transfer.

How to identify fake bank alerts

It’s easy to identify when it’s sent through other means such as the bulk SMS method. It will only come as alert but the money will not reflect in your available balance.

If the alert is made using any of the above listed apps then it becomes difficult to identify because it goes to available Balance even when checked on mobile app or USSD code.

You might need to study the sender if you suspect they are fake. They are always in a hurry to leave and not confident.

To avoid getting screwed as a POS and small shop owner, the best thing to do is stop accepting bank transfers.

Conclusion: How to send fake bank alert

The secured apps for sending fake bank alert are Zoalert and Flashfunds.

This post on how to send fake bank alert is made clear and I’ve also tried to inform you on the dangers involved.

There are many other methods to send fake alerts but we didn’t mention them here because they are not safe. If you attempt using them, below is what you are likely to get in return.

Our concentration is keeping you on a safe side because we Love seeing you here always.

Have you been scammed through fake alert before and how does your experience goes. You can send us through our contact details.

Please note: the alerts sent through any of these apps only last 14days on recipients account and the money cannot be withdrawn or transferred within this period.


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