Inheritance Billing Format For Yahoo

?My Husband , I have been walking around with a heavy heart, thinking on what, how and when to tell you this, After all the love we have shared i finally realize that there’s nobody else i can trust but just YOU!,

I thank you for everything you have done for me, I really do appreciate all you,ve done and all the Love you,ve given me. Hope you pay attentively because what am about to tell you is going to change our entire life for good. I trust you and please don’t leak this secret to anyone, let it be between the both of us. It was about a week ago when i received a mail in the post from a Banker called Mr.

Albert Leong (Head of Account Department) Bank of China Private Banking, The mail was regarding my father, remember i told you that my dad passed away many years ago, but what i found out from my dad Accountant really broke my heart into pieces, I�ve been hiding this from you but it has been soaking me into deep depressions. I�ve been communicating with the Accountant over the phone about everything. My father (Now Late) was one of the Royal Head of Lion Rampant of Scotland, they are rich in Coal, petroleum, natural gas – found in the British sector of the North Sea, zinc, tin, limestone, iron ore, salt, slate, clay, chalk, gypsum, lead, silica, arable land in central Scotland. The central Scotland where my father is a Royal head produces 5.8% of the total petroleum, natural gas production in Scotland and 0.5% of the Dollar value of each barrel is paid to my father as royalty by the Scottish Government. My father was also the Chairman of Special Oil Trust Fund in Hong Kong China P.R. In his position as the Royal head and Chairman of the Oil Trust Fund, he made some money which he left for me as the only heir to inherit. The money is Twenty Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($5.5m). This Money originated from the accumulated between 1976-1998, I learnt from my dad’s Accountant that he was present and witness my father fixed the funds with their bank with an open beneficiary in their bank Bank of China Private Banking pending when he would finish arrangement to transfer it abroad as a CONTRACT PAYMENT. He was planning this when he died in Year 2001 of Heart Attack. Mr. Albert Leong told me that Just before my father died he called his attention to the money and charged him to look for his only heir which is me his beloved daughter and also my father instructed him to wait until am matured enough to have a husband or fiance so he would trust i will be able to manage and use the funds wisely in investment sectors, I believed he knew my fiance or husband would assist me in the transfer/investment of the funds abroad. So l would be very grateful if you could help me. The Accountant informed me apon my Father’s instruction the banks will not release the funds directly to me but only to my husband/fiance i.e someone who have intentions of marrying me. I promise to give you 20% of the total funds transferred to your vital bank account as compensation for your assistance. Five percent (5%) would be set aside to take care of all expenses we may incur during the transaction. To indicate your interest my love please help me, send an E-mail directly to the Accountant so he can begin the process in getting my dad’s inheritance to us. Express how much you love me and how we plan on getting married soon to him, tell him you are capable of handling and investing the funds on my behalf, Honey the Accountant mentioned something about giving you a Power of Attorney so his bank will process the release of the funds without hesitation. The Accountant Information is as follows. Bank Name: Bank of China Private Banking Account Officer Name: Mr. Albert Leong (Head of Account Department) Address: 15th Floor, 45 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan Lamma Island, Hong Kong, P.R. China Tel. +85258080522 Fax. +85258080522 Email: [email protected] Honey immediately the funds has been transferred to you, i will be able to come home because the Accountant said my present is needed in Hong Kong, the earlier the better for us, so kindly send the email. I cannot wait for us to be together, there’s alot we can accomplish with my dad’s inheritance. Love Always Brenda **************************************************************************************************************************************************** My Dear Cupcake, First and foremost i want to use this opportunity to thank you for been nice to me and i came across you on here cos your my life and soul and there is no reason i can hide anything from you dear, I actually realize there’s true love outthere which you,ve prove to me, I now understand that you truly love me for me and not because of anything, I trust you with everything inside of me and everything i got, I thank God for sending you to me and i am ready to start a brand new life with you, I pray everyday that it lastforever and ever, Honey before i can be able to leave back to the states my investment in Hong Kong needs to be transferred to the states, I waited to trust you before i tell you this in details, I was in Hong Kong China P.R at the year 2002 for a contractual AgreementLandscaping and Architectural Marketing Design for AIG Tower which was The AIA Central in Hong Kong is a 185 m, 40 storey skyscraper that was completed in 2005. It is located in Central, not far from the landmark Bank of China Tower. I was paid after the building was completed and invested my contract payment of the sum$3,000,000.00 to a Private Bankcalled: ”Bank of China Private Banking” which me and the bank made an agreement of 12.6% Yearly which is calculated to: $378,000 Yearly, My investment roller term has expired 19th of this NOVEMBER and i need to get my funds transferred to the states as soon as possible and of course i have to be there and monitor the transaction go successfully to the states, So if we calculate $378,000 Yearly Multiply by 7years= $2,646,000.00 + $3,000,000 My Initial Invested sum which is a total of : $5,646,000.00.I plan to invest in real estate business in the states of any sort of business you have in mind that the both of us could do as husband and wife ,

We can also invest in stock exchange but for now lets focus on transferring the funds to the states, I need your assistance receiving this funds on my behalf, Being mybeneficiary,I have already informed the bank about you and they are waiting for your contact, Kindly send them an E-mail right now to the below Email address which i have provided their contact details below, Bank Name: Bank of China Private Banking Account Officer Name: Mr. Albert Leong (Head of Account Department) Address: 15th Floor, 45 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan Lamma Island, Hong Kong, P.R. China Tel. +85258080522 Fax. +85258080522 Email: [email protected] Kindly let me know after you,ve contact them and also keep me updated Love always========================================================


We are Diplomats that arrange for the safekeeping of Special and valuable packages and baggage in trust for reputable clients that are honest
and trustworthy.

We work in collaboration with top firms and Governments of various ountries as we have earned a name as a service
whose hallmarks in reliability and confidentiality are revered. International missions, Fellow Diplomats and Embassies
of the world have used our services to satisfaction.

A benefactor whose identity can not be disclosed because of the Non Circumvention and Non Disclosure Agreement that was signed with the said benefactor when the funds were being deposited, made you the beneficiary of a package
containing some amount of money and stated clearly that you should only be contacted when the time signed for it to be in
our care elapses and the time has already elapsed that is why you are being contacted.

The Non Circumvention and Non Disclosure Agreement signed with the benefactor mandates us to fully divulge and disclose
the benefactor�s identity 18 months after you, the beneficiary, has received the funds.

The funds totals $4.5M (Four Million, Five Hundred Thousand .US.Dollars)and we confirm that these funds are fully free of
any liens, or encumbrances and are clean, clear and non-criminal origin and are available in the form of CASH.

You are hereby advised to reconfirm your Full Contact Information for erification with information contained in our
computer database as well as other relevant information in the format stated below so that the funds would be arranged
to be brought to your Country of residence by Diplomats who would accompany you to your bank (if you want them to) to
deposit the funds in your name and submit all documentations of proof of the origin of the funds in other to exonerate you
from a ny form of investigations or interrogation and to authenticate the fact that the funds are clean and has no links
whatsoever with either drugs or terrorism.

The Requested Information is to ensure that no mistake or error is made and it should be forwarded in the manner stated

Your Full Name: __________________________________

Your Complete Address : __________________________

Name of City of Residence: ___________________________

Name of Closest Airport to City of Residence:__________________

Direct Telephone Number: ___________________________

Mobile Number:___ ________________________________

Fax Number:______ ________________________________

A copy of your International passport____________________

The Contact Numbers are very necessary because the number would be called by the Diplomats before the funds would be
handed over to you so as to ensure that the package is handed over to the right person.

So, its mandatory you send your Direct Telephone Number preferably your Mobile or Cell Phone Number.

Complete the above and send back to me as soon as possible.

Congratulations in advance.

Thank you and I sincerely remain

Dr George Akomas
Call: +44-7031842210


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