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I can see you and I sitting in front of fireplace, cuddling and holding one another. You start to caress my beautiful hair, I reach down to massage your cock through your pants, I look up at you telling you I want to feel your hot dick in my mouth.

I unbutton your panted and slide them off along with your pants, then I start slowly take off your shirt, freeing your body. You also take off my pant and underwear then tell me to lay back and relax.

I start to suck your cock making little moans as I slowly bob my head up and down, my hand massaging your balls as I take you in my mouth deeper. My sweet lips look so nice wrapped around your Rock hard cock. I start to suck harder and hard for until you feel my ease up, I look you in the eyes and tell you, Darling, I want you to lick and sweet pussy, I lay back and spread my legs open wide. Now you can see my pussy juice gleaming in the firelight.

You kiss my way down to my hot wet cunt, your tongue eases around my pussy lips and parts them, and you can taste my wet juice pussy, OH, HONEY YOU TASTE SO SWEET. I start to walk my lip hips around grinding face into you, your tongue going in me deeper and deeper, I moan start to round my fingers through my hair, OH YES DARLING, MAKE ME CUM , IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD DON’T STOP!!

Your hands squeezing my firm ass, and your fingers as my butt hole, I so hot and wet that my juices are running down your chin and my inner tight. OH STOPS HONEY, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME IN THE ASS, I WANT TO FEEL YOUR COCK IN ME, I WANT TO FEEL YOU IN ME NOW…….

Your tongue eases its ways down to my anus, you ease your tongue inside my tasting cunt, and mmmmmmmm……… you taste so good darling. As you work your tongue around my anus, COME ON HONEY, PUT YOUR COCK IN ME, I WANT YOU IN ME NOW!!! But you continue to lick around my Anus and Cunt, teasing me, making me beg you to fuck me.

OOOOH PLEASE HONEY I WANT FEELS YOU DEEP INSIDE ME RIGHT NOW. But you still continue to lick and suck, you can feel my squirming under you, trying to wiggle out from underneath you.
Okay honey, you come out from my Anus, and then put your hard long dick against my pussy lips, you take one thrust and push deep inside. I spread my legs as wide as you can go, allowing you to go as deep as you can.

Oh sweetheart, I feel so wet and hot, my pussy feels like rose around your cock.. You spread my legs once again, then start backing against me, wildly moaning and screaming with delight………. OOOOHHHH YEESSSS FUCK ME, FUCK ME, HARDER HONEY, HARDER. You take deep long thrust at my pussy, I can feel your balls began against me, OOOHHH YEEAH HONEY, that’s it pump harder sweetie, ooohhhhh yesses.
Now you want me to get top of you Honey, and ride you fast and hard. You pull cock inside me, and lay down on your back .

OOHHH COME ON HONEY, ride me, I want to feel you on top of me, darling. I kiss down you cheat and feel your cock in my hand I feel so good, Honey, I want you to make me cum so hard, you want me to fill you up with my hot cum. You place the heard of your cock on my anus, I reach down and feel your dick starting to work it way in my butt, oohh yesss, that feels so good ………

Oh honey, I feel so good, you work your cock in me and start pump faster and harder, oh God Darling, don’t stop harder, harder oooohh yesss……..
That feel so good you start to push in me hard, I feel very inch of you deep inside me, I clinch my anus and start to convulse as I orgasm, oh yesss, oh God Yes Honey !! I like that don’t you hear me? It feels good inside of me. You work hard as your dick pushes deep inside me, in and out, in and out harder and faster. YES THAT’S HARDER HONEY OOOOOHHHH GOD DARLING, MAKE POP, and MMMMMM……. OOHHH YEESSS!!!!

Honey, fuck my pussy hurry, I am so wet and hot. You pull your cock as I straddle you, you place you hot hard cock against my wet pussy.
You want to fuck me so hard and fast………. I ease down on your long cock I feel my pussy lips give way and stretch open. OHH DARLING THAT FEEL SOOOO GOOD DARLING..

You start pumping up and down, faster and faster and harder and harder, my sweet juice running down your balls. OOOOHHHH AAWWW YESSS MMMMM………… come on honey, fill me up with and shot up with me.
Ease back, starting to feel an intense orgasm coming over me. hold on Baby show down, I want to do all the work then I will fill you up with my hot cum. You ease me up and off of you, laying me down on my back, You grab my pretty feet in your hands and push my legs up that it, grab my toes YEAH,

MMMMMMM…………………..You start to ease your hard cock inside me, filling up. I start to feel you to feel you making in and out faster and harder mmmm I FEEL SO GOOD HONEY. You start pumping deeper and faster!!!!! THAT’S IT HONEY FASTER.
I feel your cock pulsating inside my hot wet pussy and I feel your balls smacking the lips of my cunt. OH DARLING I’M GOING TO CUM …….

I moan, you can feel your balls swelling.. You start to give way to orgasm and coming UUHH, you feel deep inside me, my pussy was clinch your cock as I let you loose my feel wave after wave of orgasmic rush come over me. As you push your cock you let go of my legs and I spread them allowing you to collapse on top of me. Ohm honey that was awesome We fall to sleep in each other arms, Worn out from passionate sex, we just had..

I hope you liked that hot letter Honey?
I hope you touch your self while you are reading it, that you can feel what I want to do you.
Darling I hope we will meet possible for marriage. From these days forward I consider you as my husband for the to bee and give you all my heart for eternity. I do love you Honey, and want to be with you so very badly. I want be your wife and have family together with you.

All I know is, I do want to meet you for commitment relationship and possible marriage so we can start our lives together. I want to be with so very much, Darling, and I can tell you how happy I am that out of all the beautiful lady in this world, you choice me to be your ideal partner and wife.
Sweetheart, even though we are not marrying, I really feel marriage by you in my heart. And I hope you feel the way in your heart. I am totally committed o you and ONLY YOU. I love you so much.
Write soon, I will be waiting!! And a few days, I will write another letter so you’ll start getting more love from me. After all we need to know everything about one another; even we are going to be married.

I love you my Royal king, and I can not wait until we are wife and husband, I hope we are going to be so happy together and I will do everything in my power to make fall deep love with me all over everyday you come from work. Remember I’m as deeply in love with you as you are with me, and nothing will ever change that. I love you Darling, write soon sweetheart.

I hope to hear from you soon. I send you all my love and passionate kisses. Please just help me be with you before new yr. I love you and will hope you call me tonight so that we can talk more on the phone.
Forever Love


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